TRIP - Tracking, Reporting, Informing and Planning

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Your 24/7 Live On Line Tracking System


Named for Tracking, Reporting, Informing and Planning. Elevator Boutique's custom software TRIP is a sophisticated client and elevator management web based information system.

TRIP contains all information about every single elevator project.

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  • drawings
  • specifications
  • contract conditions
  • scope of works
  • installation program milestones
  • key account information
  • service details and records

Elevator Boutique's leading technologies apply to both the elevator products and the elevator delivery and maintenance management system. As a modern company, we choose environmentally friendly, real time, clever electronic based tracking rather than the cumbersome paper based checklist systems that were popular in the 1990s (and arguably added more costs than benefits - modern quality systems are the way forward).

We deliver on time, by the use and development of the best systems.

As proof, Elevator Boutique is the only specialist residential elevator company to have an on time completion guarantee, where we pay you money if we are late. On time is not a marketing term. We don't pretend to deliver - we actually deliver.